Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm Back & Crib Photos

I apologize for my absence the past 3 weeks. My little boy was born on April 19th and I've been quite busy learning how to be a mom. 
I'm going to try jump back into the blog world this week...wish me luck!

For now I'm going to show you my little guy's crib area. We don't have the space quite yet for a full blown nursery, but I wanted to give him a little corner of his own. {Part of it is not shown because it's not quite finished}.

My husband and father in law built his crib for him-awesome! They took wood from trees where my father in law grew up, plained them down, and created this crib. He let me choose any color I wanted for the paint. I'm obsessed with white currently so that choice was easy. Anyways, I love it and love that it has special meaning too. Pretty cool!

I hope to be back tomorrow for Wallpaper Wednesday, but I can't promise anything. Please stay tuned though, I'll do my best! 


Alexi Bullock Design said...

LOOOOVE this room!! I feel like sometimes people THINK that their baby's room is cute but it really isn't...well this is NOT like that! This room is seriously adorable!! Soo cute! Good job!

sarah said...

looks great, kels! super cute.