Thursday, September 1, 2011

More finds while furniture shopping

We were out doing a little more furniture shopping the other day and I thought I'd snap some photos of some random items I liked. We had gone to a number of other places with no luck and finally decided to browse Osmond Design (the outlet). I had never been in their stores before and I am definitely learning that you have to give stores a chance. Not only did we find couches extremely close to what I had envisioned, they were under our budget! Fabulous. They let us steal a cushion to take home to see how it looked in the room. It's very important to see the piece you're going to buy in the lighting and space it will be used in. (Just a tip). Anyway, enough talking.
These are all from the Osmond Design Outlet.

Loved these throw pillows.

Always love a glass lamp.

Pretty plate.

Adore this headboard and pillow.


And....the couch we decided to purchase. It will come with a matching love seat and we're still on the lookout for a chair. TRY to picture it without black pillows. I think it's going to be fantastic.

I should probably mention that this project is the kitchen / dining / living area in my parents house. Wish me luck! Now that we found the main furniture pieces we can move forward with the rest of the design process. Yay.

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