Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm back + Master bedroom inspiration

Hey Everyone! I apologize for my month off, thanks for being so patient!
To start things off for the month of August, I threw together a little board of what I'm currently dreaming my master bedroom to be. Mostly white with a touch of grey and a teeny tiny bit of yellow. Lots of texture. Clean & pretty. A girl can dream!

Stay tuned for more to come this week!


Cove and Grey said...

Love it!!! My master is only neutrals, but the touch of yellow is so pretty!

Emily M. said...

cute kels! it looks so heavenly! what program do you use to put your boards together? i'm looking for a new one and i like the way yours looks!

maremee said...

guess who's back. back again. guess who's back. guess who's back. guess who's back.

sorry. my eminem side just broke out. love the look. i am in need of some of your expertise.

sarah said...

kels, this is so pretty! it's 100% you. the soft colors and the feminine details... yes, i think a person could definitely kick back and relax in that bedroom. :)

Kelsey M. said...

em, i just use powerpoint! nothing fancy. :)