Thursday, June 16, 2011

UV Parade Favorite

I've been attending the Utah Valley Parade of Homes for years. I've worked for the parade. I've painted a home for the parade. ...out of all my experiences I have never seen a home that I loved this much and that fit my style so perfectly. While so many of the homes you see in this parade are huge and extravagant, too many of them are all the same style, and it's not necessarily my favorite. {Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful and stunning homes, just not usually my personal style}. Anyways, each year Hatfield Homes always seems to deliver my favorite of the parade. This year's wins my vote for favorite parade home ever. Although it's pretty trendy, I feel like they did a great job of still keeping it fairly timeless and also an incredible job with making the entire 7,455 square feet cohesive. Very important. 

This house is full of the most gorgeous wallpaper, lighting, glass hardware {on everything}, reclaimed flooring, and so much more.

Enough talking, let's get to the pictures. I took a million but obviously am not posting them all. Really if you live around Utah Valley and you have time in the next couple of days, head on down and tour this home if you can. The parade ends Saturday. It's worth the 10 dollars even if it's the only home you see! {At least in my opinion :) } Oh, and it is home #14 located in Lindon.

Please excuse the poor camera quality.

Sorry for the people in the picture, but this home is beautiful starting from the exterior.

Entry way nook. {Don't mind my reflection in the mirror}..

Dining area.

Obsessed with the industrial bulb lighting.

One of my favorite features of the whole kitchen-the open shelving and how they styled it.

Beautiful ceiling and light in the piano room. Again, obsessed with the lighting.

Kids bathroom. Always love me some subway tile! And the shower curtain I've been eyeing from dwell studio.

One of the kids rooms. I just loved the pillows for a kids room.

Probably my favorite part of the house. The hallway upstairs lined with massive windows. This is only a small section.

LOVE the windows above the bed, the bedding/pillows, and love the idea of using 2 pendant lights rather than lamps for the bedside tables. Brilliant.

Beautiful stairway up from the basement.

Thought this wall in the mudroom was pretty cool.

Anyways, I could post more photo's but I don't want to be too over kill...haha.

Walking through this home tonight lifted my spirits and made me remember why I love design so much. :)


Valerie Hall said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that house!!!! That is my dream home in so many ways!

Staci said...

I laughed once I saw this, let me explain why. Brad did some of the railwork on this house, he just kept telling me how he felt like it was just too light and clean. I'm happy to see the pictures because it looks a lot better than how he described it.

Kelsey M. said...

haha thats exactly the reason i love it so much staci...light and clean. :) haha. thats funny.

Valerie Hall said...

I got to go see this house right after my grandpa's funeral on Saturday before I went to the airport. It is so cool. I forgot a camera so I am so glad you posted these pictures so I could show Mike, although he was not nearly as impressed as I was:)

alyssa sorenson. said...

I also loved this house. SO much. I loved it so much that I made Justin go with me later Saturday Night and he actually really liked it too. Now he wants to paint and such in our house. Of course I was more excited about it than he was, but I was happy that he liked it.

hiyapapaya said...

So glad to hear you loved the home! If you want to see some more pictures of it, head over to Four Chairs Facebook page!

Thanks for the blog post - we've been trying to find some great blogs that have posted about the home!