Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Living Room Makeover

A friend of mine asked for my help in making over her living room. 
This project was the perfect example of the changes that can be made both on a budget and living in a rental space. If you're not planning on living in a place for longer than a year or two, there's not much of a point in spending a ton of money and time in re-doing a space. But- there are definitely some tricks to make your home (even if it's temporary) a place that you love.

We worked with existing furniture and existing carpet as well.
By adding a little paint, changing up the fabrics, and adding in some new decor & accessories, we completely changed the look of the room for no more than $150. 
(That includes new side tables, paint & supplies, fabric, lighting, and some new pieces of decor).


Julie said...

LOVE! thanks for all your help! such talent.

Alexi Bullock Design said...

Nice work! I wish I had a house for you to makeover instead of an apt we will eventually move out of!!

Katie Phelon said...

love it!!!

Karin said...

I cannot wait til you make over my house (and wardrobe...)